Tea leaf bundles unwrapped

Feb 10, Yurba Mate, ' Talking Head'

Jan 29, Rooibus,  'Diving Head First' 

Feb 02, Black Tea,  'A Heart of Many Colours'

Feb 10 Yurba Mate, 'Talking Head'
Feb 12, Black Tea, 'Contained Explosion'
Feb 04, Yurba Mate, 'Message Bubbles'
Feb 09, Yurba Mate, 'Dinosaur Magic'

This is a small selection of my tea leaf readings I now have almost a years worth.
I really love the words attached to this project. It's going to be interesting how I put
it all together.


remnant to porcelain

First samples from new project 'Remnant' I dipped fabric and hand spun yarn into porcelain. They look very coral like and the sound is amazing.

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