This piece ' I Can Hear The Trees Sing' has been accepted into the show  De rerum nataura (On The Nature of Things)  at this years World of Threads Festival. : http://www.worldofthreadsfestival.com
at Joshua Creek Heritage Arts Center in  Oakville, Ontario, Canada, Nov 2 - 18.  I am really excited to be included with such amazing textile artists from around the world. All of the shows look amazing.
I made this piece in response to moving back to England feeling the need to find a mossy shelter in the woods.


mint tea May 31,  Fragmented Leap

berry tea, April 14 Reclining Lady
bundles on a recent trip to Portugal

yurba mate, May 24, Bunny Magic Turning Deer
I am working on a year long project where everyday I give myself a tea leaf reading: tea leafs are poured onto a square of fabric I then write down my interpretation, fabric is then bundled and tied and left to sit giving it time to mark the fabric. 
I decided to do this project to coincide with my return back to England. Still working on how I'm going to piece squares together. Some kind of shelter is what I keep coming back to.