Welsh Coast

I have just been on a short holiday to the Welsh coast just outside  of St David's.  The Images are from an old slate mine called Blue Lagoon. I will be going back for some clay collecting. The water is very cold but there are always going to be the brave few; worth it.



This is G my hairdresser, we have been trading  for years. On my last trip back to Canada I made G this felted piece.  I wanted to combine the wild landscape of Canada with the manicured landscape of the UK.  You can see the UK side.  I was thinking about all those amazing stone walls. The problem is this is the only image I have of this piece because I didn't take any pictures.  I have done this before and always regret it.
I have a dress in the design faze working with the same motif. This time I will document it, lesson learnt I hope.  
The materials are merino, silk, camel and alpaca.



We went for a walk in Formby over the weekend. In the 60's a carpark was dumped onto the beach the remnants  now peek up through the sand.
You walk through this amazing woods  to get to the the beach filled with sculptures and this great swing.



buried and sewn cotton
this is the first of a series I have been working on, burying fabric in places I have lived.


dyed in flowers

I have been going through my storage and came across these samples I did. They are all dyed in flower petals. fabrics are cotton and silk, silk blend.    


wood to gold

This is an ongoing project I have been working on for the the last couple of years. It came about when I returned to Liverpool in the Uk after living in Canada for many years. The thing that I really missed was  living in and with wood.
 Liverpool  has always bought up thoughts about how the docks were a gateway of supplies from all over the world. Some of these supplies at one time had more value to them than gold. 

I felt that wood held this status to me, so I started going on walks to rediscover the area and collect wood.  I have since then been (Dutch) gold leafing found wood.

This is a studio set up of this piece. I have spent so much time wondering what form, shape this was going to take. I have decided that I am going back to my very first idea, so when I get back to the UK I will set this up again.


Foggy Vancouver

A foggy walk around the seawall. There is something so magical about light in the fog.


UBC Museum of Anthropology

                      Bill Reid

This is always one of my favourite places to spend a day.
The Museum of Anthropology building was designed by renowned Canadian architect Arthur Erickson, who based his award-winning design on traditional northern Northwest Coast post and beam structures. The original facility opened in 1976.

UBC Museum of Anthropology